Bi Weekly Mathew

Bi-Weekly Post: Managing Mayhem: Mathew Wagner

Mathew stood at River’s front door with a marine issued duffle bag slung over his right shoulder and a box of assorted donuts in his hands. He waited forever before he glimpsed River running toward the door to greet him. A smile broke wide across his face. She looked great, a little pale, but great. Read More

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Bi-Weekly Post: The Awakener Series: Tabitha

Teaser for Oblivion Tabitha scented the air. Blood. She knew the smell was coming from Shamus. The slash was long, deep to the bone, exposing his ribs, which was the source of the blood. Adrenaline saturated her every vein. She crouched low ready to attack. She flipped the hilt of the blade in a quick Read More

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The Verbecks of Idaho: Harold Miller

The Verbecks of Idaho: Harold Miller Thirty years back. Harold Miller lounged; elbows set on the bar top, eyes’ scanning Ian’s new bar. The place was nice; clean, open, and full of people. He couldn’t believe Ian sold his small ranch, east of town, to buy this bar. He hadn’t seen that one coming. Not Read More

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Bi-Weekly Post: The Awakener Series: Council of Souls: Stephen

A thousand years ago from today. Stephen sat on his throne positioned high on the crest moon balcony, the High Priest to the Council of Souls, gaze drifting over the faces of the council members. He was tired of their perpetual whining to leave the Cavern of Souls. He massaged his temples as the members Read More

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