Always Remember


About the Project

My name is Ruth and I have been writing for over 13 years in a variety of genres under the pen name R.E.S. Tidmore. One day as my husband and I were leaving his aunt after a short visit, he became sad, as his aunt is dying of cancer. We began to talk about his aunt’s LIFE STORY and wondered who knew it? And if it would even be remembered? And bam! The Always Remember Project was born. I believe everyone has an amazing story and it should always be honored by being remembered.

General Information

I want to make your interviewing experience as friendly as possible, there for, the best place to interview is in the interviewee’s home or family relative’s home.

The interviewing can vary in length depending on the enthusiasm of the interviewee and their health. At best the process can take up to a blocked one week session of time or scheduled session of an hour or two once or twice a week. There is no defended length for any project, they are all on a case by case basis.

1        Pricing

Because each project is subject to unquiet requirements it is easiest to have a standard flat hourly rate of $10.00 but no more than $250.00 for a project total.

An additional $50.00 book fee will be charged for the design, layout, and printing of the book. Duplicates can be ordered at the interviewee’s request for an additional fee which may vary depending on size and layout of the book.

There is no upfront cost, however, once halfway through the project the interviewee or family member responsible for the project will be bill for the hours up to that time. The remainder of the project cost will be billed once the project is complete and the book is ready for printing.

2        Interviewing Process

I will seat down with the interviewee at the scheduled time and date agreed upon by the family member or interviewee and begin by ask a verity of question that will be recorded for my records only while in the writing process. Recording will be deleted or placed on a CD at the family’s request at the end of project. I will also be taking notes.

If the interviewee doesn’t responded well to the questioning process, providing old photos can help the story telling journey begin and also can be added to the book upon request.

After every session I will compile the information in to a word document where a sample will be given to the family with in three business days to see how we are progressing.

This will continue until the oral portion of the project is finished and then it will move to the design phase.

 3        Book Design

Once the story is completed, three book designs will be presented that best fit the interviewee’s personality. The family or interviewee will then selected their desired layout. Once the desired layout has been selected it will be sent to printing that could take approximately two weeks to receive the book at which time the all remaining expenses must be paid.

And then Your Always Remember Project will be you’re to cherish forever.



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