R.E.S. Tidmore is the author of the Awakener series, the Verbecks of Idaho, and Managing Mayhem. She is currently working on a Young Adult book with the working title Defective, Remove Label Here, as well as attending Southern New Hampshire University where she will receive her Creative Writing Degree. She has written for over thirteen years and has to self-publish the previous three. Writing was never something she thought she would do since having dyslexia. Spelling and grammar were never her friends.

It wasn’t until college that she was exposed to creative writing and fell in love. She learned good spelling and grammar weren’t the only things needed to be a writer; you had to be about to tell a story. And telling stories was simply part of who she was. Finding many of her life events as a child lacked zing, she has been telling stories since she was a young girl. Let’s just say it landed her in the principal’s office more times than she can count.

Twenty years later, she’s using her imagination to create great stories. She hopes to make her readers, laugh, sigh, and root for her characters she so enjoys creating.

She is a mother of three kids and a navy wife. Writing is her passion that has helped her through many of her husband’s deployments. She loves running half-marathons with her husband and friends. She enjoys the quiet moments of her day where she can sit and be in the world.



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