Meet Me by the Tumbleweeds Part 5

Sarah Jane sat at her father’s desk and stared wide-eyed at the computer screen packed full of numbers. Her chest felt as if a jack rabbit was stomping on her heart. She peeked ever so slowly around the screen and stole a glimpse of her father reading the local newspaper. She didn’t dare breathe or make a sound to draw his attention, but what was she going to do. She still hadn’t figure out how to get the bottom line for the expenses. Sure she was staring at it, but she was terrified she would do it wrong. Her palms started to sweat. Help, I need help.

Luke’s offer rattled a round in her head, she grumpily shoved it away. I don’t want his help.

“I don’t hear any typing or clicking taking place over there,” came her father’s rumbling voice.

She closed her eyes and let out a tiny breath. “Just reading everything!”


She peeked at him again. His brows were stitched together and his lips pressed as he went back to reading. I am so screwed.

The office door flung open just then. “Sarah Jane what have I told you about leaving your clean clothes in the laundry basket. It has been two days.”

Sarah bite her bottom lip. I’m under attack from all sides. I have to take cover. Which parent did she fear more? She looked at her mother, hands fisted on her small hips, green eyes ablaze and then her father’s disappointed expression. They both won hands down. Time to retreat.

She sprang to her feet. “I’ll take care of that right now.”

“Ammie, she has book work to do.”

“I don’t care. I need the dang laundry basket and I’ll be damned if she’s going to toss those clothes out on her bed to leave them for another two days. Look at my eye.” She pointed to her face. “She has my eye twitching, Bruce.”

Her father let out a sigh and went back to reading. That was Sarah’s cue to exit and she did. She ran all the way to her room, closed and locked the door behind her to be safe.

Quick as she could she began to fold her clothes with shaking hands. The thought of going back into her father’s office caused her throat to tighten and her eyes to burn. What would be so bad about Luke helping her? Really! Sure he pissed her off and she wanted to punch him in the face from time to time when he gave her that goofy look that made her stomach roll. She could over look that for a few weeks. At least long enough to get her grade up in Business Essentials and for him to help her understand her father’s book keeping.

As soon as she was done she pulled out her phone and called Catrina.

“Do you have Luke’s number? I need his help.”

“What! Since when?”

“Since now. Please I don’t have time to explain.”


Sarah Jane wrote the number down and hung up.

She typed in the number and stared at it for a few moments. Was she really going to get help from Luke Patterson.

She closed her eyes and hit the call button. Holding the phone up to her ear she waited for him to answer.


“Luke this is Sarah Jane.”

“Okay . . .”

“Can you meet me by the tumbleweeds near the little salmon river at the old mill?”

“What time?”


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