Monthly Post: Awakener Series: Marcus AKA “The Hound”

Marcus NLMonthly Post: Awakener Series: Marcus AKA “The Hound”

Marcus stood at the door of his room staring. His heart beat at the speed of rapid gunfire. He didn’t know how much longer he could stand being near the child. She was changing him. Hands fisting at his sides, Marcus drew back his arm, ready to punch through the door. It would be easy like cutting straw in the fields he and Gavin cared for lifetimes ago. He didn’t care if Gavin and Darron would be waiting for him on the other side. He needed to escape a faith he’d never seen coming. For too long he’d prayed for ravage, for a true death. To finally be rid of what he had become under the pressure of the Council. Never in all his lives had he thought there could be more for him than a lifetime of anger and hate. That the creator hadn’t forgotten him. That he still mattered in the Creator’s plan.

He fired his strength down his arm ready to destroy the door keeping him captive. A second before his fist touched the door, he stopped. Every part of him screaming with the painful thought leaving the child brought. She gave him peace within his mind. He could record time without it consuming him. He dropped his fist and glowered at the child that could not see him, yet could feel him. Even now she was soothing him with her power. It was infuriating. He was starting to think she was feeding off his energy somehow. He clung to that thought. Did she need him as much as he seemed to need her? Intriguing, yet ridiculous.

He walked over to his bed and fell onto the mattress. What was he going to do? He rolled to his back and closed his eyes. He wasn’t sure if the claim he felt was 100 percent coming from the child or from Gavin and their restored bloodbond. It bothered him that he couldn’t tell if it was because Gavin and the child were in some way already bonded through the blood of his brother, her father.

If he were to die in this life with the bloodbond now restored between him and Gavin, he wouldn’t be reborn until Gavin past and they once more would be born of the same mother and father. For the first time in hundreds of years he didn’t want to die and he didn’t want Gavin to die. He wanted to see the child born. To see what this life could yield. His thoughts drifted to Darron and his promise to make him immortal. If Darron kept his promise he would never have to worry about being reborn again. Never would he suffer the process of growing from infancy to adolescence with the knowledge and power to control a country, even the world.

If the child was like him and had her power from birth she too would be very powerful. Together they could be stronger than Leora, the Council, everyone. Yes, he would stick around, how could he not. Marcus smiled to himself, cruel intent curling inside him. The things he could do with such power if he were to bond with the child after she matured into womanhood.

A slow moving caress of cold heat skimmed over his skin causing his heart to race once more. She came to him once more. The cold heat worked slowly up and over his hips. He shuttered. The child’s energy touched his chest and then wrapped him completely in her sweet rosy scent. He breathed it in. Every part of him relaxed. It was perfect. Her energy was every thing it should be. Cold and hot, sweet and strong. He was tired of thinking of her as the Child. What would she be called? Did Gavin and Leora have a name for her already? Excitement electrified the charge around him. Setting his nerve endings off like mini booms causing his own energy to strengthen. He hauled in a breath, the corners of his lips tipped up. He pushed the question into his bloodbond calling to Gavin. He waited silently.

After a few minutes Marcus heard the boards outside his door give way and squeak under the weight of someone large. He could feel Gavin just outside the door.

Gavin said nothing. Marcus grew impatient, Gavin knew what he wanted or he wouldn’t have come. He sat up in bed. “Her name?”

“Why? What does it matter to you what we will call her?” Gavin said in a low threating tone Marcus was familiar with.

“She slips her energy into my room constantly caressing my body with it. I have a right to know what you will call her?” Marcus’ blood heated to painful heights. He had pissed his brother off with that little bit of information. He smirked at the door.


Marcus laid back down and closed his eyes. “Sapphire.”

When he said her name out loud the energy she wrapped around him hummed as if surrounded by a large swarm of bees. The cold heat held him tighter. She liked the name. He said it again. “Sapphire.” This time the energy around him misted in a soft blue.

Marcus heard Gavin stomp off.

Things just got interesting. A moment later Sapphire’s energy was gone. Marcus was instantly irritated at the loss. He closed his eyes all the same, thinking of what was to come for all of them.


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