Bi-Weekly Post: The Awakener Series: Adam

AdamBi-Weekly Post: The Awakener Series: Adam.

Adam propped himself up against Mr. Owen’s shop wall studying Gavin’s house once again. He knew every rise and fall of the roof top and where every squeaky board was outside the house as well as within.

Two month’s he’d watched over the Awakener and her Advisors undetected. He prided himself on anonymity.

He stared up at the front second story window. He felt Marcus’ eyes rake over his ancient skin like the hottest iron. Marcus couldn’t see him. No one could.

Adam peered up at the thick gray clouds that had settled in the region. Snow drifted lazily about him, though never touching him.

His eyes narrowed at the house. Touching a finger to his temple his mind sight rushed forward and traveled into the house. He sought out Leora. She was asleep in the living room with Gavin at her side. Gavin so rarely left the woman he loved. Adam grinned with remembrance. He too had loved so deeply he had given up his place next to the Creator. His punishment for loving her more than the Creator was to remain on earth for all times. It was a price he would gladly pay again to be with his beloved Eve.

With his mind sight Adam shot up the stairs and into the room where Marcus stood waiting. He had watched Marcus’ and the Awakener’s little dance of death for centuries. He knew Marcus was the key to his revival.

Leora and Gavin had reminded him Love was always worth fighting for even if it meant challenging the Creator himself.

With the blink of his eyes, Adam physically stood across the room from Marcus. Still invisible. He wanted to test Marcus, see if he was aware of more than he claimed. Even though Leora was the Awakener and held more power that a single soul, Marcus was soon to surpass her within a life time or so. Marcus was a most interesting soul. He held much of the same energy and potential to be more than the Record Keeper same as Adam was meant to be more than the first soul. And Adam began to wonder . . . to think that Marcus could find his love. If he was the true record keeper he would see more than the recordings of his circle, more than that of the council.

“What have you come for?” Marcus said in a low gravelly voice.

Adam smiled not having been disappointed. Unable to resist. Adam allowed himself to be seen.

“Tell me. Can you feel me or are you recording my history and presence here?”

Marcus turned, his completely black eyes reminded Adam of the serpent. With his size, black hair, and pale skin Marcus was quite the image of menace.

Marcus turned back around to gaze out the window. “What have you come for . . . Adam?”

Adam’s grin widened. Yes, Marcus was intriguing, yet seemed to rank low amongst the others. Why though? There was always a reason. If he had learned nothing else from his Father it was that things aren’t always what they seem.

“I believe you know why I have come if you are the true recorder for all time.” Adam crossed his arms over his chest. As he watched Marcus he saw a mist of gray wisp around him. Adam blinked hard, thinking he was seeing things. Marcus’ power was locked away. He swept the thought aside too enamored with the idea Marcus may know where his love was. His heart threw itself against his ribs with anticipation. Adam couldn’t suck in any air.

“Why have you not gone to the Seer?”

Adam let out a slow breath. “Because my love has no future. The Seer can’t help me. But you. If you can see all of time. You would have seen what the Creator intended for her after he took her from me.”

Marcus was silent for a long while. “She has returned.”

His love. She had returned, excitement consumed him.

Marcus’ voice cut through his excitment. “In this life she will not have you.”

“What?” Adam’s excitement turn swiftly into a razor fine rage that would cut anyone and all down. He took two steps toward the bed which separated them.

Marcus’ peered over his shoulder. The center of his black eyes glowed red. Adam took a step back feeling in that fraction of a second Marcus’ energy begin to bind his own power from use. No . . . NO! Adam tried to charge Marcus. He didn’t move. Fear ignited his blood. This is what he got for being impulsive. He should have been certain Marcus was cut off from his power before going to him.

Frozen in place, unable to reach his power Adam watched helplessly as Marcus walked over to stand in front of Adam.

“In this life she is mine.” Marcus placed both hands on the sides of Adam’s head.


Adam blinked. Where was he? He glanced around. Mr. Owen’s shop. Gavin’s house. Hum. He must have dozed off. He cast a glance up and then down the road. All looked good. He cast a web of energy out, and then pulled it back. He didn’t sense anything unusual so he tuned and headed for the inn. He would check on the Awakener and the Advisors tomorrow.

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