Bi-Weekly Post: Managing Mayhem: Sarah AKA Evil Barbie

Bi-Weekly Post: Managing Mayhem: Sarah AKA Evil Barbie

Sarah locked the door to Whisky-Tango-Foxtrot exhausted and ready to go home. Chrissie was almost to her car when Sarah called out. “Hey, Chrissie don’t forget, you’re on the schedule from 12 to 9 tomorrow.” She wanted to remind Chrissie since it wasn’t the normal work schedule for her.

Chrissie stopped in her tracks, swung around, and glared at her. “What? I thought I was closing?”

Sarah felt her resting bitch face form and let out a ‘to tired to explain’ breath. “Look it has been on the schedule for over two weeks. I have something ISarah Bi-Weekly have to do. I can’t work.”

“Right. You have something to do so I get the shaft. You know I need eight hours of sleep to be human to the guys.”

She shrugged. “Sorry.” Sarah turned her back on Chrissie not wanting to hear anymore whining.

She marched over to her car and climbed in. She didn’t really care if Chrissie was nice to Shots, Phillips, Logston, or to the entire bar for that matter. Chrissie never was that nice to begin with and the dumb asses kept coming back despite her best efforts to drive them insane.

When Sarah got home her heart beat faster. A real smile touched her lips. The babysitter met her at the door.

“He went to bed without any problems.” said Ann.

“Oh good.” Sarah said, happiness bubbling through her. “Did you have a chance to work on any new sign-language with him before bed?”

“Only car and dog. It was exciting to see the meaning of the signs click for him. He is a very smart little boy.”

A tears pooled in her eyes. Her little man learning to communicate with others.

“Thank you so much, Ann. I don’t know what I would do without you.” Tears spilled over and down her cheeks.

“Good luck with the surgery. I know it will work.” Ann gave her a warm hung. “I will come see you both when it is over.”

“Please do. William will be happy to see you when he wakes up.”

Ann let her go and then wiped away one of her tears. “Everything will be fine.”

“I know.” Sarah said softly. It had to be.

After Ann was out of sight Sarah closed the door. She drew in a deep breath and started to sob. For over a year, she’d busted her butt in WTF. She dealt with getting groped and pawed frequently. She took to wearing slutty clothes to help bring in all the tips she could, just for her son. And it finally was paying off.

She walked down the hall to Will’s room, kicked off her shoes, and climbed into bed with him. He stirred sleepily turning his head and blinking soft gray eyes at her. He smiled and moved closer to her. He kissed her lips and squeezed her neck in a silent welcome.

She wanted to tell him what was going to happen tomorrow, but she couldn’t. This was all they knew and she didn’t want to change it. Their love for one another; all the happy smiles, messy kisses, and loving hugs. It was all they needed. She tucked her little man close and they fell asleep in each other’s arms. This little man was the love of her life.

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