Sarah Bi-Weekly

Bi-Weekly Post: Managing Mayhem: Sarah AKA Evil Barbie

Bi-Weekly Post: Managing Mayhem: Sarah AKA Evil Barbie Sarah locked the door to Whisky-Tango-Foxtrot exhausted and ready to go home. Chrissie was almost to her car when Sarah called out. “Hey, Chrissie don’t forget, you’re on the schedule from 12 to 9 tomorrow.” She wanted to remind Chrissie since it wasn’t the normal work schedule Read More

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River and Bliss Wedding

Bi-Weekly Post: Managing Mayhem: River & Bliss

With a soft braid draped over River’s shoulder in a white lace fitted dress, Bliss held the hands of the future Mrs. Bliss. Standing in front of the Justice of the Peace, River’s hazel eyes glowed bright as tears collected in them. Bliss couldn’t have asked for better timing. The sun was setting and the Read More

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Bi Weekly Mathew

Bi-Weekly Post: Managing Mayhem: Mathew Wagner

Mathew stood at River’s front door with a marine issued duffle bag slung over his right shoulder and a box of assorted donuts in his hands. He waited forever before he glimpsed River running toward the door to greet him. A smile broke wide across his face. She looked great, a little pale, but great. Read More

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Bi-Weekly Post: Managing Mayhem: Brett Phillips

Phillips scanned the faces of the crowded bar while he strummed his guitar. The sun had set, and the ocean air swept into Whisky-Tango-Foxtrot playing in his hair. Many of the faces were friends and comrades from the Unit tonight. His stomach grumbled unhappily at him like a grumpy old man. Over the past two Read More

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