Susan Verbeck (Mother)

The Verbecks of Idaho: Susan Verbeck Returns

The Verbecks of Idaho: Susan Verbeck Returns A wet tear skated down Susan’s weather-beaten cheek. She skimmed her fingertips over Joel’s headstone beside her husband’s. This wasn’t how she’d seen her life when she’d married the love of her life all those many years ago. She didn’t know why she’d held on to the smallest Read More

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Joel Jr: MD

The Verbecks of Idaho: The Future Verbecks

Joel Jr. sat on the hand rail of the front porch watching his mom, Emma, rush around the yard fussing over all the table decorations and lights for the party. With her hair in large curls draped over her shoulders, wearing a baby blue dress, he had to admit, she looked pretty when she dressed up. But Read More

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Teaser DD

Teaser Alert Delicate Dream: Bethany

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Teaser UD v

Teaser Alert Unbroken Dream: Daisy

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Cove UD V3

Monthly Blog Post: Unbroken Dream Trailer

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The Verbecks of Idaho: Harold Miller

The Verbecks of Idaho: Harold Miller Thirty years back. Harold Miller lounged; elbows set on the bar top, eyes’ scanning Ian’s new bar. The place was nice; clean, open, and full of people. He couldn’t believe Ian sold his small ranch, east of town, to buy this bar. He hadn’t seen that one coming. Not Read More

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