Leora Teaser

Teaser Alert Oblivion: Leora

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Bi-Weekly Post: The Awakener Series: Tabitha

Teaser for Oblivion Tabitha scented the air. Blood. She knew the smell was coming from Shamus. The slash was long, deep to the bone, exposing his ribs, which was the source of the blood. Adrenaline saturated her every vein. She crouched low ready to attack. She flipped the hilt of the blade in a quick Read More

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Teaser Oblivion

Teaser Alert Oblivion: Coming Soon

What will happen next? Teasers for Oblivion will be hitting my site soon. I hope you’re ready.

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Bi-Weekly Post: The Awakener Series: Council of Souls: Stephen

A thousand years ago from today. Stephen sat on his throne positioned high on the crest moon balcony, the High Priest to the Council of Souls, gaze drifting over the faces of the council members. He was tired of their perpetual whining to leave the Cavern of Souls. He massaged his temples as the members Read More

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Bi-Weekly Post: The Awakener Series: Gavin Jones

He was worried. Gavin turned his head, gaze skating across Leora’s smooth stomach. He felt the energy coming from the beating of his child’s heart resting within. This power concerned him. Never before had he thought of the magnitude of what Leora and he could create. Here, right now, he did. Leora’s cheek rested on Read More

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