Marcus NL

Monthly Post: Awakener Series: Marcus AKA “The Hound”

Monthly Post: Awakener Series: Marcus AKA “The Hound” Marcus stood at the door of his room staring. His heart beat at the speed of rapid gunfire. He didn’t know how much longer he could stand being near the child. She was changing him. Hands fisting at his sides, Marcus drew back his arm, ready to Read More

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Bi-Weekly Post: The Awakener Series: Adam

Bi-Weekly Post: The Awakener Series: Adam. Adam propped himself up against Mr. Owen’s shop wall studying Gavin’s house once again. He knew every rise and fall of the roof top and where every squeaky board was outside the house as well as within. Two month’s he’d watched over the Awakener and her Advisors undetected. He Read More

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Chad Harper

Bi-Weekly Post: Awakener Series: Chad Harper aka Elapsed Seer

Bi-Weekly Post: The Awakener Series: Chad Harper Chad was almost to the hidden entrance of the Cavern of Souls. He closed his eyes and inhaled the scent of the lofty redwood surrounding him deep into his lungs. He knew this could be the last time he would enjoy any beauty before entering into hell. The Read More

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Final Cover for Oblivion

Oblivion Trailer

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Victor V2

Bi-Weekly Post: Awakener Series: Victor

Victor, second to Stephen- The High Priest, snarled at the council members as they floated about the cavern. An ancient castle built deep within the earth’s crust. Victor didn’t have to look at the council members; he could see their reflection from the stone walls surrounding him. He heard them gush over the souls they Read More

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